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Travel to Hoi An - Vietnam

Visiting Hoi An (Vietnam):

Pretty small city on the banks of Hoai River is a favorite of visitors. Many peoplehave come back Hoi An town several times because they love the peace and quietness here.

You can take a leisurely stroll or bicycle ride along Hoai river.
If you have a chance to Hoi An, you can share with readers how to move and travel, introduce places of entertainment and decent food specialties. Your sharing ideas will be updated to this article:

Interesting travel destinations:

- You can take a sightseeing stroll, buying sedge sandals and silk scarfs, buy or exchange English books at Nguyen Thai Hoc street or Tran Phu street…

- You can Contemplate the ancient architecture and temples in the old town.

- There are many cafes in the old town as cafe Hai (space is very nice), small tea room Cung Tram Pho (where you can enjoy Trinh music, popular music composed by mr. Trinh), or range of cafe along the Hoai River.

- You can take a boat trip along Hoai river.

- You can swim at Cua Dai beach, about 5 km from the central town, preferably in early morning or late afternoon

- You can rent a bike to ride around the town, take photos, and buy souvenirs.

- You can take the boat to Cham Island, have lunch and swim here. On the way, the boat will stop for you to get a chance diving to watch corals and visiting the marine museum.. Then you arrive the Cham Island. There you can visit the market, and take a look at activities of the native people. Eating Seafood such as dry squids, steamed crabs, grilled fish with forest vegetables is very interesting. You can stay overnight there or just visit there and go back within a day.

- You can take a bus or a car to My Son relics.

- You can visit Tra Que vegetable village, Kim Bong carpentry village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Thanh Nam fishing village.