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Collocations dictionary online

Collocations Dictionary Online for Students of English

As an internet user, you can use the Collcations Dictionary Online by searching with  the Collocations search engine on the top of this page. Read the next paragraph to know how to search effectively.

For example, if you want to search for the collocations of paragraph, input the keyword phrase collocations of paragraph in the search-box above. Then hit the 'Search' button. You will lead to results that have relation to the input keyword. You are to choose the best result that can help you have collocations of paragraph.

Welcome to Collocations dictionary online which plays an important role for students of English to write and to speak English naturally.

Collocations dictionary online has around 1500 most-common headwords so far. Most of the headwords are noun. For each noun headwords, we include adjectives that best combine with each noun. We have not included Verb + Noun and Noun + Verb for noun headwords. We are sorry that we has not yet worked with verb, adjective, adverb and preposition headwords. We will add those in the near future to make this a good collocations dictionary online to serve internet users.

The special thing that you can easily find in this dictionary is that collocates or combining words are listed by collocation rank. With  collocation rank included, you can easily compare the frequency of use among the collocates. The more frequency the collocate has, the more the combination is used, and the more natural the collocation is.

We do hope to have your comments to make this Collocations dictionary online a better one.