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Reading makes a full man

This article gives reasons why reading makes a full man.

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1. The major aim of reading is to be educated, affluent and active to live better in our country and even in the world.

2. By reading shares about life from others, we could see how they are successful and how they become unsuccessful and unhappy. This gives us ideas on how to build up our lives in a better way.

3. Reading textbooks in schools, colleges and universities helps to become professional and skillful in a particular field. Textbooks and practice is essential for a person to work in a professional environment.

4. Reading is a good way to learn mother tongue and a foreign language as well. Then our speaking and writing skill is better for us to make others understand exactly what we want them to. Learning a language also helps us a good mind. A man who often reads has more vocabularies than others who don't often.

5. Reading develops our hobbies. We would have deeper knowledge about our interest. This makes us more interested in our hobby.

6. Reading can help us learn and know something that we cannot easily see and touch in person.

7. Reading makes us become confident.

8. Reading help a man know how to be pleased with life.

9. Reading trains patience and listening.

10. Reading makes our knowledge accurate and exact.

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