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Cu Chi Tunnels - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Location: Cu Chi Tunnels is a famous historic revolution relic, in Phu My Hung ward , Cu Chi rural district, 70 km from the city center.of Ho Chi Minh to the northwest.

Characteristics: The tunnels is really a unique wonder: 250 km long zigzagging underground tunnels which were made with primitive tools as hoes and shovels.

The tunnels are 3-8m under from the ground with the height enough for a just doubling person. The first trench is at the edge of the forest with underground wells which supply water for the entire tunnels area. The well is 15m deep with clean and pure and crystal-clear water. The tunnels system consists of three floors from the “backbone” spreading out numerous short or long branches with the short linked to one another and the long reaching over to Saigon River. The first floor is 3 meter deep from the ground, protected from artilleries, and weight of tanks and armored vehicles. The second floor is 5 meter deep from the ground, protected from small-size bombs. The deepest floor is 8-10m from the ground which is extremely safe place. Entrances between floors have basement secret covers. The tunnels were so well camouflaged on top that they looked like termit nests; along the tunnels are vents. At each intersection of tunnels is a large basement for resting, relaxing, reserving arms, food, water with a kitchen, commanding place and surgery room. Some larger basements has roofs, being cleverly disguised for watching films and art shows.

Cu Chi is one of Ho Chi Minh attractions that tourist could pay a visit to.