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Cho Lon - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Location: Cho Lon occupies a large area of district 5, district 10 and partly of district 11 and district 6.

Characteristics: When hearing Cho Lon, people soon think of a market of China Town in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City (Read fascinating destinations that you can reach from Ho Chi Minh city by clicking this link Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam visitor information). Cho Lon has become famous and important in tourism programs of Ho Chi Minh city.

Whenever hearing the name Cho Lon, people would have in mind the image of the exciting busy handicraft factories and the sights of Chinese restaurants very close to one another. This is a place where there are more Chinese people than any other places of the country; they live mostly in District 5 – which preserved culture, architecture and religion value of hundred years ago. The tube-tiles roofs in Chinese town, together with featured architecture make a prominent classic beauty. Visitors would have the feeling of being in some old Chinese town of the time of centuries ago.

In daytime, Cho Lon market is noisy with crowded buyers and sellers. Cho Lon is very unique. It is not only a destination for sightseeing, shopping but also a place to witness a hectic active life of Chinese people who came here centuries ago and even who were born and brought up right on this land.

Whenever a tourist goes to Cho Lon, it not only means that he or she goes to the market or a shopping area but also mean that he or she probably stop by some restaurant. The restaurants have billingual banners and the hosts can talk with customers in Vietnamese language and with their family in Chinese language. Here tourists can see image of the Chinese restaurant owners with pot belly, welcome face and a handkerchief on one shoulder.
Since years ago, in the Southern Vietnam there is a saying: “Eat Chinese food, Live in Western houses.” Saigon people also says “Eat in district 5, sleep in district 3”… Chinese food are fatty with nutritions and diversified with special Kanji names.

When the city lights up, Cholon gives a clearer expression. Most houses are open to sell and offer services. Sings along the streets are designed with colorful electronic lights, flashing in diversified shapes, various styles and different ways.

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