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The beauty of Saigon, Vietnam in eyes of tourists

Saigon is a young dynamic city of Vietnam country. . Traveling to Saigon, tourists will feel a bustling air, exciting modern life, a city always reaching new, modern; nevertheless, Saigon has preserved, remained its previous cultural tradition inside it.

The first image that tourists would conjure up when arriving at Saigon is crowded streets full of a yellow sunlights. People are always rushing as if they would be late for some appointment with someone, which is so a contrast to the image of several street vendors quietly at corners of streets which are not noisy in welcoming customers but good in serving buyer to buyer in an own special manner of Saigon.

Taking a walk around the streets at the center of the city such as Le Loi, Dong Khoi, Nguyen Hue, Ham Nghi…, tourists would be soon in harmony with Saigon’s fast modern rhythm of life. High buildings, luxurious hotels, fashion shops, souvenirs stores… are places taking much time of travelers. Ben Thanh market is considered a highlight that tourists had not better miss. Four main gates: East – West – South – North gates are always wide open to welcome travelers. The market is one of some Ho Chi Minh attractions with a full collection of all goods and products from every part of Vietnam.

Despite of the noisy bustling urban of the modern life, Saigon keeps for its own romantic sights of streets with shades of trees such as Tu Xuong, Truong Dinh, Le Duan…, all of which gently offer natural air for visitors to take a stroll sightseeing the central city of Saigon.