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Vung Tau city destinations, Vietnam

Vung Tau is a major tourist center. Harmonious combination of natural populations of seas and mountains with urban architectures and cultural constructions such as monuments, temples, cathedrals… give Vung Tau more advantages of beautiful coastal city.

Distance between ho chi minh city Vung Tau: 70 miles or 112 kilometers.

Vung Tau has for its own many heritage lanscape attractions such as Vung Tau Lighthouse 18m high, 35 miles far in flashing, Vihara Nirvana pagoda (Niet Ban Tinh Xa pagoda) also called Lying Buddha Pagoda (Chua Phat Nam) with the lying Budha statue 12m long on the 2.5m high pedestal, the stretching-out-arms Jesus 32m high standing on Nho mountain, Bach Dinh Palace and Shakyamuni Buddha Temple (Thich Ca Phat Dai) on Lon mountain, Long Son Big House relic on Long Son island.

Vung Tau owns ideal beaches for vacation gifted by the nature: Thuy Duong Beach, Tam Duong Beach, Phuong Thao Beach, Huong Phong Beach. There is no winter at Vung Tau; hence, tourist destination give services anytime of the year.

In addition to its strength of tourism, Vung Tau also has advantages in petroleum development.

Located on the shore of an area rich in oil and gas, Vung Tau in particular or Ba Ria-Vung Tau province in general is the largest petroleum exporter in Vietnam. This is the only city in Vietnam still remaining a Russian village or a homes area for the Russian experts to work in the field of oil and gas exploration and to live with their families; there are also schools for their children. Many shops near the Russian Village or the Joint Venture companies of Vietsovpetro in Vung Tau have signs in two languages: Vietnamese and Russian.

Handicraft production of Vung Tau is also quite developed. The sophisticated jewelry products is made from tortoise shell ... to serve tourists.

Currently there are a schedule of high quality bus from the Eastern bus station (Ho ChiMinh City) to the bus station in Vung Tau every 15 minutes. It takes 2 hours to arrive Vung Tau from Ho Chi Minh city. Hydrofoil Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau takes 1 hours and 15 minutes.