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Learn Vietnamese through songs

This is a list of Vietnamese songs. For each song below, Fotoget includes the lyric in Vietnamese and the lyric translation in English. So that you can easily listen to the song and understand the content of the song quite well.

List of Vietnamese songs.
Song 1: Ngỡ
Song 2: Nếu như anh đến
Song 3: Con đường màu xanh
Song 4: Trái tim bên lề
Song 5: Quay lại từ đầu
Song 6: Tìm lại giấc mơ
Song 7: Nhớ mưa
Song 8: Hãy nói với em
Song 9: Hà Nội mùa vắng những cơn mưa
Songs 10, 11, 12, 13, 14... and more

This page is dedicated to those who are learning Vietnamese language. Listening to Vietnamese songs is a good way to learn listening skill. Besides the song translations help to understand deeply the Vietnamese language.

We are doing our best to make Fotoget a best site to learn Vietnamese language in the future. Thank you for visiting.

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