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Nếu như anh đến - lyric translation

Below are the lyric in Vietnamese language and its translation by Fotoget in English language.

Nếu như anh đến
If you just come
Singer: Văn Mai Hương
Directed by: Triệu Quang Huy
Composer: Nguyễn Đức Cường
Music producer: Huy Tuấn

Nhấp vào:

The hair is uncombed; the lips are dry; closing eyelashes and black eyes are blue.
Day by day what to wait? So in need of sweet love.
My heart, stop the silence! Is there someone...

.. holding my hands, calling my names and loving me when I am filled with anger
so that when nights come, every breath is warm with our passionate kisses.
Giving each other promises. Is there someone...

If one day you just come...
Because you are in love with me, just tell me the sincere words. My heart, don't confuse me.
Maybe when I wake up some day, our love turns fragile as if a wind... blows by.

My sweetheart, the first time I ever loved you, I experienced anxiety
'Cause your love is the belief that I've held, my beloved.