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Travel to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet Province, Vietnam

Located 22 km from Phan Thiet city to the Northeast. Mui Ne is the name of a fishing village and is also a popular tourist destination of Binh Thuan.

Along the national road 706 from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne is a sequence of gentle sand dunes and cool, airy wide sandy beaches with wonderful coconut trees. With clean, clear, shallow, and wide beaches with warm sunlights the whole year time and with no storms, Mui Ne is an ideal vacation destination for tourists to take their leisure time swimming and relaxing. Mui Ne has beaches which are pristine and primitive without exploitation of people. Tourists can find majestic sceneries, pure natural environment such as Ong Dia Beach, Front Beach (Bai Truoc Beach) and Back Beach (Bai Sau Beach). At Mui Ne, you can swim at the beach, relax, play sports, take excursion on boats out of the shore, take hunting trips, go fishing, play golf ... .. In Mui Ne, there are sand dunes, which have become the subject of many photography artists for years.

In addition to beaches and sand dunes, Mui Ne has a number of beautiful landscapes such as Suoi Tien, Lau Ong Hoang, PoSaNu Tower. Along the coast are tourist villages, hotels, villas and sports entertainment constructions. Most visitors to Mui Ne are tempted by the fragrance of food specialty of Phan Thiet. It is the scent of fish sauce during processing. Salt used to produce fish sauce is also a product of Binh Thuan province.